Nikita Nishiprava

Just an 18 y/o drawing what she likes!

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Dameri meets a mysterious boy who introduces her to the world of dreams. Together, they work to get rid of recurring nightmares haunting people.
Little do they know, about how complex the dream world actually is.

Kou Tooru just transferred to a new school and expected to have an easy life ahead. Little did he know that his new school's tests would be the cause of his guilt and anxiety.

Mel is a not really "normal" kid who just wants to get through high school and life then be done with it. Then one night while trick or treating with her siblings, she is suddenly transported to a world of monsters and quickly finds her way back out. She had been sucked into a book held by a strange person who mistook her for a zombie. Monsters really do exist and mel finds out the hard way as hijinks ensue!

[I only worked as an artist in the
webtoon, full credits of the story
goes to the author: Ant ]

Marinette confides in Chat noir that she's finally giving up on her crush on Adrien.


Ping me on Discord at Nick Crompton#9454 if you wanna have a chat! Instagram or Twitter work as well. :)


Terms and Conditions

All payments must be paid full in advance, this is non-negotiable. The payment will be refunded if I am unable to complete the commission in due time.
Right after payment, I will be showing you the sketch and you are allowed to suggest changes incase you feel it doesn't match your request.
However, suggesting major changes after coloring/lineart has been done will cost a fee. (Such as an outfit change, outfit addition or subtraction, background change or anything that makes me have to redraw it completely.)It is mandatory to provide references, unless a character is being designed right from scratch - which will require an extra fee.Copyright/Usage Policy
The commissioner are allowed to;
Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.
If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.I, as the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.

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